Books And Shows – What Do You Suggest?

During the 4 1/2 weeks so far that I’ve been at home due to my broken foot, I’ve read tons of books and watched a few new shows.

Here are the highlights:


  • The first two Shaye Archer novels by Jana DeLeon. I love these books! Shaye is a young female private eye who just started her business and who has a very difficult past. Already planning to read the rest. I’m spacing them out so as not to finish too fast.



  • John Sandford’s Twisted Prey. This book is the latest Lucas Davenport novel, and it’s my favorite of the last 5 or 6. Lucas is mostly in D.C. and the emphasis is on detecting more than shooting (though there is some of that too). I love all Lucas books, and I flew through this one no matter how slowly I tried to read.


  • The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Non-fiction, very inspiring and practical. I’ve been listening on Audible, which is wonderful. Getting around now requires crutches or a scooter, and both mean it takes me 2-3 times longer to do everything. (Laundry, that’s a real challenge.)


  • I’ll Keep You Safe by Peter May. I’m in the midst of this one now. A grief-stricken Niamh returns to her isolated home on a Scottish island after her husband/business partner is killed in what appears to be a terrorist attack. But she soon suspects his murderer had personal motives and that she, too, may be in danger. Excellent atmosphere and quietly-building suspense.



  • The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. A literary Dracula novel. Beautifully written and fascinating. Also a relisten for me, mostly when I’m worn out. That way if I fall asleep I don’t have any trouble picking up the thread again.


For shows, I’ve started watching the reboot of Lost In Space. Pretty interesting now that the Robinsons have met some other not-so-reputable humans.

Also I’m rewatching Slings and Arrows, a well-written, funny, and compelling comedy/drama about a Canadian Shakespeare theater.

And, of course, Elementary because Lucy Liu is fantastic as Watson.

(I’m doing some writing, too, working on bonus materials for my Awakening series and on revising the first draft of The Charming Man, Q.C. Davis No. 2.)

Any other suggestions?