First Day Trying To Get On The Health Insurance Exchange (Post No. 4 of Adventures in Health Insurance)

This morning I tried to get on the Illinois Health Insurance Exchange. As I talked about in previous posts, I am self-employed as an author and attorney.  I bought health insurance through an Illinois program that allows people to continue their COBRA coverage. I was turned down for individual health insurance, so I’m hoping that through the Exchange I’ll have some more options for coverage.

First, I needed to find the exchange. I googled “Illinois Get Covered” because I’d heard on the radio that was the website to check.  That got me to some links for sites with overall information about the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, but I couldn’t find a link to the actual exchange to see what type of coverage is available.  (Note to Illinois — you might want to make that more obvious.)  So I Googled Illinois Health Insurance Exchange and eventually found my way to this link:

You can choose your state on this homepage from a drop down menu, so this should work no matter what state you’re in.  The homepages is Illinois, so I clicked Apply Now.  I got a screen telling me it was very busy now and to please wait for a log in page. I waited. Then I left and ate breakfast, came back, and found the log in screen.

I had to create an ID based on an email address. So, first thing to know is that you’ll need an email address, at least to sign up on line. I used my law firm email and created a password. I reached a screen that said I needed to answer three security questions to finish setting up the account. I assume that’s to be sure it’s me next time I sign in, or in case I lose my password. Unfortunately, the security questions were blank, and nothing showed up in the drop down menus for each question. I clicked Live Chat and got a note thanking me for contacting Live Chat and asking me to wait for someone. I waited for a while, then needed to go to my office, so I closed the window.

I repeated the above process this afternoon (it did not remember my ID or password) and got stuck at the same place. It’s been half an hour now that I’ve been waiting for someone from Live Chat. I tried sending a message explaining the issue but nothing happened.

Since the deadline to buy insurance on the exchange isn’t until mid-December, I think that’s enough for today. I’ll try again later in the week.

Stay tuned.


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