Happiness, Small Changes, And More Than One Job

Recently I was interviewed by Joanna Penn about juggling multiple careers, happiness, and stress management on The Creative Penn podcast.

I loved talking with Joanna. Through her blog and podcast she’s been encouraging creative people and sharing information for over a decade.

Among other things, we talked about:

  • Solving problems or meeting challenges through many small changes or actions rather than one big fix
  • Changing the questions we ask ourselves to focus on solutions rather than problems
  • Creating more joy and lowering stress and anxiety through reliving what’s already great in our lives
  • The pluses of having more than one career or pursuit that you love

You can listen here.

Happiness, Anxiety And Writing As A Second Career With Lisa Lilly

You can also find more on these topics in Happiness, Anxiety, and Writing: Using Your Creativity To Live A Calmer, Happier Life.