4-Book Box Set, 5 More Days, 99 Cents (Sale On Awakening Series)

Limited Time Sale

This week The Awakening Complete Supernatural Thriller Series is on sale at a special price.

If you haven’t finished series yet (or started it for that matter) it’s a great time to get it. The ebook editions of the complete 4-book series are 99 cents through Sunday, June 30, 2019.

The Awakening Series by Lisa M. Lilly






If you’d like a doorstop (or just love print), feel free to check out the paperback edition (but sorry, that’s not 99 cents).

Then And Now

I finished the series in 2017 and released the box set edition in September.

It feels longer ago than that, maybe because lately I haven’t written in the supernatural, fantasy, or occult genres. I’m sure I will again at some point, but right now I’m well into the third book in my new Q.C. Davis Mystery/Suspense series.

Also, a lot has changed in my neighborhood. I live near Printers Row in Chicago, which is where one of my favorite Awakening series characters, Sophia Gaddini lives. (And where my new protagonist, Quille, lives.)

Happily, Dearborn Park, right down the street from Sophia, is still beautiful:

Path In Dearborn Park
A block from Sophia’s townhome

Why This Sale

Every once in a while I run a 99 cent sale on an ebook edition of one of my books. It’s fun to share the book with new readers.

It’s also fun to see it climb different charts. Especially when it hangs out for a while with books of favorite authors like Stephen King or Neil Gaiman:


Nook Best Seller
No. 1 Horror


More important, it’s a nice way for new readers to find my novels.

Whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan, thanks so much for joining me in the world of The Awakening.

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