Season 6 As A Whole (Buffy and the Art of Story Podcast)

Buffy and the Art of Story podcast cover
In Buffy Season 6, Buffy the Vampire Slayer takes a new approach to storytelling. This podcast episode looks at the season arc as a whole. Along with the season recap, this podcast episode focuses on: (1) how to write a group as protagonist; (2) themes and Dark Willow; (3) whether Buffy's growth rings true; (4) which Buffy Season 6 plot turns are most compelling; and more. Last Episode: Grave Next Episode: Bonus - Wolfram & Cast looks at Angel Episode Blind Date Latest Release:...
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Entropy S6 E18 (Buffy and the Art of Story Podcast)

In Entropy (S6 E18 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Anya and Spike connect over being rejected and Xander is once again horrible to everyone. Along with the recap, this podcast episode focuses on: (1) locked or unresolvable conflicts in key relationships; (2) how Xander/Anya and Buffy/Spike mirror one another; (3) why Dawn is interesting and likeable in this episode; (4) engaging exposition; and (5) scene cuts for maximum emotional impact and a fast pace. Last Episode: Normal Again Next Ep...
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