The Conflagration (The Awakening Supernatural Thriller Series Book 3)

The Conflagration - eBookThe suspense continues in The Conflagration by Lisa M. Lilly, the third installment in the four-part Awakening series, when an old enemy kidnaps Tara Spencer’s baby.

Still reeling from violent attacks and struggling to understand a prophecy about the nature of her own growing power, Tara searches for her child.

She hopes her daughter was taken by someone drawn to the baby’s rumored ability to heal. But the specter of the Brotherhood of Andrew religious order, whose members stalked Tara during her pregnancy, looms.

Denounced by some as a fraud and feared by others, Tara desperately aligns herself with foes who attempted to murder her only days ago.

Can she come to terms with what she’s learned about herself and control her power in time to save her daughter?

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The Conflagration is the third installment in The Awakening Supernatural Thriller Series. Book 4, The Illumination, concludes Tara’s story:

Faced at last with the truth about her own origin and her daughter’s conception, will Tara sacrifice everything to save the world?