The Fractured Man (A Q.C. Davis Mystery)

A Long-Lost Friend Begs Her To Solve A Murder. But What If He’s The Killer?

The Fractured Man Q.C. Davis Mystery 3Chicago lawyer Quille C. Davis gets a desperate midnight call from long-lost childhood friend Caleb. The two grew up together, but he disappeared from her life for reasons she’s never understood.

Now he needs her. His boss is dead, and he’s the prime suspect.

Afraid the police have made up their minds, Caleb asks Quille to go undercover to investigate his mysterious employer, Seminar. Seminar says it’s a self-improvement company…or is it a cult? 

The more she delves into Seminar and gets to know its charismatic founder, the more danger Quille stirs up. And the more Seminar’s hold on her friend worries her.

With no one to trust, even Caleb, can Quille discover the killer before she becomes the next victim? 

The Fractured Man is the third book in the Q.C. Davis Mystery series. If you enjoy crime novels featuring clever female detectives, unraveling mysteries, and life-and-death stakes, then you’ll love Lisa M. Lilly’s exciting new addition to the series.

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