Happiness, Anxiety, and Writing: Using Your Creativity To Live A Calmer, Happier Life

Happiness, Anxiety, and WritingI struggled with anxiety for a long time before I saw the connection to creativity. The relationship between the two finally hit me while plotting the first book in my Awakening series.

To figure out challenges for my protagonist, I kept asking What If? 

What If she’s determined to go to medical school and discovers she’s pregnant despite never having had sex? What If her parents, usually supportive, think she’s in denial about her situation? What If when she persists in her “story” they try to have her committed to a psych ward?

And What If someone finally believes her, but he’s from a religious group that warns that she’s about to trigger an Apocalypse? And will very likely die in the process?

Real Life, Anxiety, and Imagination

Those aren’t problems that relate to my life. But asking What If and coming up with the most disturbing possible answer was something I did on a regular basis.

Because in real life, a vivid imagination can send us spinning through endless negative outcomes. Often when we’re lying awake at night, trying desperately to sleep.

All of which is why I wrote Happiness, Anxiety, and Writing.

Using Creativity To Enhance Happiness And Calm

Happiness, Anxiety, and Writing shares ways to use your imagination and writing skills to create a calmer, happier life.

The book includes:

  • Techniques to derail anxious thoughts you otherwise repeat;
  • Ways to talk to yourself and others that promote calm rather than reinforce worry;
  • Specific, targeted exercises to direct your creative mind and imagination in a positive way;
  • How and when to write and rewrite the best parts of your life for greater happiness;
  • And more.

A Scary Book To Write

It wasn’t easy writing this book.

I included so much of my personal struggles with anxiety and depression that I felt exposed as I wrote. But I wanted to share both my actual experience and what worked for me in the hope that others might find value in it.

That’s why it made me so happy when a reviewer said:

I spent the entire time reading this guide nodding my head because it was as if this book was written especially for me. I thought the solutions given to changing your mindset were simple to execute but had extraordinary results.

If you at times find anxiety plaguing you or interfering with your life, I hope it will help you, too.

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P.S. Happiness, Anxiety, and Writing is a Five-Star Reader’s Favorite. Read the full review here.

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