The Illumination (Awakening Supernatural Thriller Series Book 4)

Book 4 in The Awakening seriesThe Illumination - eBook

by Lisa M. Lilly

After awakening from a thirteen-month coma, Tara Spencer finds a radically changed world. Her daughter, the product of a virgin pregnancy, has grown from a happy, engaging infant to a withdrawn toddler who doesn’t speak.

Riots started by those who believe Tara represents the ultimate evil make it impossible for her to return home or appear in public. And old enemies have built a church in her honor.

Tara struggles to uncover the key to creating a safe, normal life for herself and her daughter. But the weather disasters that began with the baby’s birth escalate, and the Brotherhood religious order declares war on her.

Faced at last with the truth about her own origin and her daughter’s conception, will Tara sacrifice everything to save the world?

It began with international occult best seller The Awakening and continued in The Unbelievers and The Conflagration. Now the fourth—and final—book in the Awakening supernatural thriller series is here.


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