The Forgotten Man

A Q.C. Davis Mystery

Book Cover for The Forgotten Man, A Q.C. Davis Mystery, Lisa M. LillyHer Sister’s Death Has Haunted Her Entire Life….

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In this gripping new novel from bestselling author Lisa M. Lilly, lawyer Quille C. Davis is determined to solve the cold case murder of her sister.

Shortly after Quille’s sister went missing almost forty years ago, her body turned up in a grave with another little girl. The killer was never found.

Quille’s parents were devastated and never fully recovered from the loss, made even more tragic because they are still the lead suspects in both murders.

Now, after investigating other crimes successfully, Quille turns to her sister’s cold case, delving deep into a web of deceit that stretches back decades.

Someone is bent on stopping her at any cost. But Quille vows to make her parents proud and bring them peace. Even if it means putting herself in danger, she’ll stop at nothing to achieve justice.  But will Quille find the killer, or become the next victim?

Filled with twists and turns, The Forgotten Man is a page-turning mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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Paperback and Large Print editions Coming Soon. Check out all the Q.C. Davis mysteries here.

About The Author

In addition to the Q.C. Davis mysteries, Lisa M. Lilly is the author of the bestselling four-book Awakening supernatural thriller series.

Lilly also wrote When Darkness Falls, a standalone gothic horror novel set in Chicago’s South Loop. The title story of her short-story collection The Tower Formerly Known as Sears and Two Other Tales of Urban Horror was made into the short film Willis Tower.

In addition to fiction, Lilly writes non-fiction and offers courses to help you with your fiction writing at She also hosts the podcast Buffy and the Art of Story, which examines the story elements of Buffy the Vampire Slayer one episode at a time.