Buffy and the Art of Story Season One

Buffy and the Art of Story: Write Better Fiction By Watching BuffyWriting Better Fiction by Watching Buffy

What can you learn about plotting, writing, or revising your own stories by watching Buffy?

More than you ever imagined.

Bestselling author L. M. Lilly takes apart every episode in the first season of Joss Whedon’s cult TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She examines major plot points and turns, character arcs, metaphor, and more to show how to:

  • Strengthen plot structure;
  • Heighten conflict;
  • Create characters the audience loves;
  • Juggle multiple storylines; and
  • Keep readers coming back for more.

If you love Buffy, and you love creating stories – or just taking them apart to see how they work – this book is for you.

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L. M. Lilly is the author of numerous books and articles on writing craft. As Lisa M. Lilly, she writes horror, mysteries, and supernatural thrillers.

Her Q.C. Davis Mystery Series, set in Chicago, includes The Worried Man, The Charming Man, The Fractured Man, and The Troubled Man. Lilly also is the author of the bestselling four-book Awakening supernatural thriller series.

A lawyer and author, Lilly lives and works in Chicago and is currently writing the next book in the Q.C. Davis Mystery Series. She also hosts the podcast Buffy and the Art of Story.