The Hidden Man (Q.C. Davis Mystery 5)

The Hidden Man (A Q.C. Davis Mystery)The Hidden Man

He wants his father's killer found, but his secrets kept. She vows to solve the murder no matter what. But will what she doesn't know eventually kill her?

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Until now, Chicago lawyer Quille C. Davis has investigated crimes, but only to help people she loves. Now she's been hired to solve the murder of a well-known class action attorney.

The victim died with a secret. Quille suspects it relates to his fascination with UFO phenomena, an interest he shared with his long-time girlfriend. But the truth is hard to come by, as secrets abound and no one who knew him is willing to tell her everything —  even if it means a killer goes free.

Quille is determined to solve the murder and prove she can succeed as a paid private investigator. But how can she find the truth when everyone around her strives to hide it?

And will the secrets she finally uncovers cause her – or someone she loves – to become the next victim?

Kindle | Nook |Kobo | GooglePlay | Apple Books | (Print Editions Coming Soon)

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