Fiction Writing As Your Second Career

(Writing As A Second Career Book 10)

Writing fiction while juggling a full or more than full-time career?

If so, much of the common wisdom for writers may not help you. For instance, it’s hard to write at the same time every day if the rest of your schedule constantly changes.

In addition, the writing life that will make you happiest and suit you best may be unlike that of someone who works a day job they can’t wait to quit. Or you may be thinking about switching to writing fiction full-time but have no idea how to do it or whether it’s a good idea in the first place.

Fiction Writing As Your Second Career offers advice and information on:

  • How to fit writing into an unpredictable schedule
  • Whether to keep or leave your other career so you can write more
  • When to think about publishing and how best to do it
  • Who makes money writing fiction, who doesn’t, and why
  • and more

If you’re looking for an inspiring, practical guide on how to create a satisfying writing life while working at another career or profession, this book is for you.

Get started today.

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