Q.C. Davis Mysteries Box Set Books 1-3

Q.C. Davis Mysteries 1-3 Box SetMeet Quille C. Davis in the Q.C. Davis Mysteries Box Set 1-3 

Chicago stage-actress-turned-lawyer Quille C. Davis deeply distrusts police – with good reason. Before she was born, they accused her parents of murder.

In the first three Q.C. Davis Mysteries, that distrust drives her to investigate murders the police can’t resolve or won’t look into.

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The Worried Man (Q.C. Davis Mystery 1)

She was about to start a new life.

Now Quille's boyfriend is dead, the police won’t help, and a killer is still on the loose…

The Charming Man (Q.C. Davis Mystery 2)

In the midst of Chicago’s worst blizzard in history, Quille hunts for a missing girl.

Then she finds the first body….

The Charming Man was a 2019 Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist.

The Fractured Man (Q.C. Davis Mystery 3)

Quille infiltrates a self-improvement company — or is a cult? — to try to prove a long-lost friend’s innocence.

But what if he’s a killer?

Get the Q.C. Davis Mysteries Box Set with Books 1-3 today in one ebook edition.

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If you like clever amateur sleuths, untwisting the lies, and life-and-death stakes, you'll love the Q.C. Davis Mysteries.

Lisa M. Lilly writes horror, mysteries, and supernatural thrillers. 

Her Q.C. Davis Mystery Series, set in Chicago, includes The Worried Man, The Charming Man, The Fractured Man, and The Troubled Man. Lilly also is the author of the bestselling four-book Awakening supernatural thriller series. 

A lawyer and author, Lilly lives and works in Chicago and is currently writing the next book in the Q.C. Davis Mystery Series. She also hosts the podcast Buffy and the Art of Story.