Books In Order And Reader’s Guide (The Awakening Series)

This Reader's Guide for The Awakening Series contains character interviews, a list of the books in order, essays, and updates on the events a year following the end of the series.

The Reader's Guide portion is segmented by installment, so readers who are still finishing the series can easily skip to and read only the interviews or essays for books already read.

Highlights of the Reader's Guide include:

  • An interview with Tara about how she felt the day after The Awakening, Book 1, ended;
  • Sophia's views on character relationships, including her own and Tara's and Cyril's;
  • The author's take on the themes of the series;
  • An exploration of forced pregnancy narratives;
  • Updates on events and characters a year after the fourth and final book, The Illumination.

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