Q.C. Davis Mystery Series

The Q.C. Davis Mysteries:


The Worried Man (Q.C. Davis Mystery 1)

She was about to start a new life.

Now her boyfriend is dead, the police 

won’t help, and a killer is still free.


The Charming Man (Q. C. Davis Mystery 2)

In the midst of Chicago's worst blizzard in history, Quille hunts for a missing girl.

Then she finds the first body.


The Fractured Man (Q.C. Davis Mystery 3)

Quille infiltrates a self-improvement company — or is a cult? — to prove a friend's innocence.

But what if he's a killer?


The Troubled Man (Q.C. Davis Mystery 4)

Too Many Suspects: Who killed a woman nobody likes?

Quille strives to help a teenage girl whose father is imprisoned for the murder of her mother, a woman who appears to have no real friends, but no actual enemies.


Q.C. Davis Mysteries 1-3

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Q.C. Davis Short Stories:

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No Good Deeds (Q.C. Davis Short Story 1)

Quille's sister begs for her help. But can she live with what Quille uncovers?

Q.C. Davis short stories

No New Beginnings (Q.C. Davis Short Story 2)

Quille's friend Joe can't seem to find the right ring. Until he seeks help at Café des Livres. 

Q.C. Davis short story

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