Buffy and the Art of Story Season Two Part 1

Buffy and the Art of Story Season Two Part 1

Threats, Lies, and Surprises in Episodes 1-11

How much fun can you have revisiting the TV series you loved?

More than you ever imagined. And you’ll pick up a few things about storytelling, too.

Bestselling author L. M. Lilly takes apart Episodes 1-11 of Season Two of Joss Whedon’s cult TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She examines key plot turns, character arcs, metaphors, and themes to figure out how Buffy created:

  • Stories that break your heart and make you long for more
  • Characters who grow in surprising yet believable ways
  • Dialogue that’s cleverer and more fun than any in the real world
  • Universal themes that somehow speak directly to you.

If you love Buffy, and you love creating stories – or just taking them apart to see how they work – this book is for you.

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L. M. Lilly is the author of numerous books and articles on writing craft. As Lisa M. Lilly, she writes horror, mysteries, and supernatural thrillers.

Her Q.C. Davis Mystery Series, set in Chicago, includes The Worried Man, The Charming Man, The Fractured Man, and The Troubled Man. Lilly also is the author of the bestselling four-book Awakening supernatural thriller series.

A lawyer and author, Lilly lives and works in Chicago and is currently writing the next book in the Q.C. Davis Mystery Series. She also hosts the podcast Buffy and the Art of Story.