The Troubled Man (Q.C. Davis Mystery 4)

The Troubled Man Sneak PeekWill She Free A Wrongfully Imprisoned Man? Or Devastate His Daughter By Confirming His Guilt?

“…one of the best Chicago mysteries….If you are a fan of a mystery that is devoid of literary clichés and presents a solid puzzle that needs to be solved posthaste, this Q.C. Davis mystery, The Troubled Man, has got to be on your list.”

– Windy City Reviews

The last time Chicago lawyer Quille C. Davis investigated a crime as a favor to a friend, it destroyed the friendship. But she can't say no when a desperate teenage girl begs her to help exonerate her father, in jail for murder. 

Though Quille doesn’t handle criminal cases, she often uncovers the truth when the police come up short. Plus the girl reminds her of herself.

Prosecutors say the man poisoned his victim – the girl’s mother. But the girl remains steadfast in her belief in her father’s innocence, and relentless in her search to find the real killer.

No one Quille talks to was fond of the murdered woman:

Her older daughter left for college and never looked back, her best friend stopped speaking to her after a big fight, and the woman herself was on the brink of divorce. The only warm feelings the victim had were for her German Shepherd, a rescue dog who frightens friends and strangers alike.

Yet Quille finds it difficult to uncover a motive for murder. There simply are no clear suspects. Except, that is, for the girl’s father, whose trial date looms ever closer.

The more Quille examines the clues, the more she fears the only answer may be the one the girl least wants to hear.

Can she discover the truth before it’s too late?

The Troubled Man is the fourth book in the Q.C. Davis Mystery series, but it stands alone. If you enjoy quick-witted amateur sleuths, unraveling mysteries, and life-and-death stakes, then you’ll love Lisa M. Lilly’s exciting new addition to the series.

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