The Forgotten Man Book Group Questions

Below are suggested book group questions for crime novel The Forgotten Man (A Q.C. Davis Mystery).

  1. What Quille learns about her father’s past deeply disappoints and angers her. Is she being fair to him? Do his explanations satisfy you?
  2. Does knowing more about what Quille’s mother went through when Quille was a baby make you more sympathetic to her? Could she do more to improve her relationship with Quille? 
  3. Do you think Quille will be more understanding with her mother from now on? Should she be?
  4. Is Dylan (the pastor’s son) being honest with himself about the ways he is both like and unlike his father? How do you think both his mother and his father influence how he sees himself and the world? 
  5. Do you still feel strongly about events involving your parents or your children that happened long ago? If yes, why?
  6. If Quille answered Ty’s question about the future faster, do you think he would have chosen differently at the end of the book? Why or why not?
  7. Why do you think police focused more on Quille’s family than on the Kevs? Did it relate to their standing in the community, the facts of the murders, or something else?
  8. Do you think the events of The Forgotten Man make Quille feel better or worse about her place in her family? 
  9. Does Quille work so hard because she feels she needs to prove her own worth to her parents? Or does her work make her happy?
  10. Do you identify with any of the families in the book (the Davises, the Kevs, the Sabatinis, the Ericksons)? Why or why not?

Meet The Author

Author Lisa M. Lilly holding a copy of new release The Forgotten Man (A Q.C. Davis Mystery)

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