The Inside Guide To The Awakening Series

Recovering from a broken foot, oddly, slowed down my writing process a bit. (It’s tiring to be in a cast–who knew?) But I did at last finish the Books In Order And Reader’s Guide for the Awakening Series.

If you’re a member of my Reader’s Group and have searched the Internet far and wide for my blog posts and interviews, you may have seen some of the material in it. Now all of that is in one easy-to-follow guide.

The guide also includes brand new pieces.

If you haven’t finished reading the series yet, don’t worry.

The Reader’s Guide portion is segmented by installment, so you can easily skip to and read only the interviews or essays for books you’ve already read.

Where Are They Now?

One of the new interviews the guide includes is with reader favorite Sophia Gaddini. The interview takes place after the end of the last book in the series, The Illumination. Sophia gives her candid–as always–opinion on Tara’s and Cyril’s relationship, her own love life, and on how exactly Tara’s supernatural pregnancy was caused.

She also shares updates about the characters’ lives.

Highlights From The Reader’s Guide

Highlights of the Reader’s Guide include:

  • An interview with Tara about how she felt the day after The Awakening, Book 1, ended;
  • Sophia’s views on character relationships, including her own and Tara’s and Cyril’s;
  • The author’s take on the themes of the series;
  • An exploration of forced pregnancy narratives;
  • Updates on events and characters a year after the fourth and final book, The Illumination.

Where To Find It

Those who join my M.O.S.T. (mystery, occult, suspense, thriller) Reader’s Group will receive a link to download the guide free, plus will get other bonus items and a monthly e-newsletter.

Otherwise, you can buy the Books In Order And Reader’s Guide for the Awakening Series at the following links: