Do You Know A Middle Grade Child Who Loves To Write?

How To Write A Novel, Grades 6 - 8I don’t have kids of my own, but I do remember being one. While I loved writing fiction, I didn’t know how to turn what I wrote into a complete novel. 

When I saw more than one review saying the reviewer passed one of my fiction writing guides on to a high school student who found it helpful, I started thinking about tailoring a workbook to middle grade kids. (I began writing longer fiction around that age.)

But with so many projects on my plate, I didn’t get to doing it. (Nothing like too many projects on the wish-list to create stress!)

Then when many schools shifted to online learning due to Covid-19 concerns, I realized parents and teachers were looking for more creative outlets for students and children. That prompted me to finally write How To Write A Novel Grades 6 – 8.

It’s available as a workbook or in a Kindle edition and includes clear, simple steps to shape ideas and scenes into novels. 

If you know a child who loves to write and might find it helpful or fun (or a parent looking for more ways to engage a creative child), you can check out the How To Write A Novel Grades 6-8:

Workbook or Kindle editions available now.