Q.C. Davis Mysteries In Large Print

One thing I love about ereaders is that I can adjust the font size to make it bigger. (It’s especially key now that I need reading glasses.)

But sometimes I really prefer a paperback book.

That’s why I decided to create Large Print paperback editions of the first two Q.C. Davis mystery/suspense novels.

The Worried Man (Q.C. Davis 1)

The night before they plan to move in together, Chicago stage-actress-turned-lawyer Quille finds the man she loves dead in his apartment.

Suspicious of police based on bitter experience, Quille vows to uncover the real story behind Marco’s death. 

The closer she gets to the truth, though, the less likely she’ll survive to tell it….

The Charming Man (Q.C. Davis 2)

Chicago lawyer Quille still grieves the death of the man she loved, but agrees to help a friend search for a missing college girl.

The search takes her to an aging apartment complex that looms on the edge of the Chicago River.

Cut off from the authorities by the worst blizzard in the city’s history, Quille must find the missing woman before a killer does.

And before anyone else ends up dead.

I hope all types of eyes enjoy!

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