Sneak Peek At Mystery In Progress

It’s not every day you meet a man who might have murdered your sister.

Q.C. Davis Mysteries 1-3
You can get the first 3 Q.C. Davis mysteries in one ebook box set.

That’s how the next Q.C. Davis mystery starts. This is the one where Quille looks into the murder of the sister for whom she was named: the original Q.C. Davis.

No working title yet, but I am about two-thirds through a first draft.

And I’m doing something new. Chapters in the earlier books were cleverly titled Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. Creative, right?

Quite a few readers told me, though, that you prefer chapter titles.

It’s been fun coming up with them as I write. I’m sure many will change in the revision. And I haven’t titled all the chapters yet.

But here are the titles for the first quarter of the next book:

  1. Suspects
  2. Parents
  3. The Other Girl
  4. Victims And Friends
  5. Mrs. Kev
  6. Quille Gets Questioned
  7. The Unwanted Child
  8. Stuck
  9. Skulking
  10. Relatively Speaking
  11. Brothers And Cousins
  12. Mothers And Teachers
  13. The Reverend’s Family
  14. The Not So Good Son
  15. The Studio


Thanks for letting me share this with you! It helps me keep writing on sunny, warm days when I want to be outside.

Lisa M. Lilly

P.S. Quille starts talking with her parents and a retired chief police about her sister’s murder in the previous mystery, The Hidden Man. If you haven’t read it yet, click here for where to find it. (Available in paperback, ebook, and Large Print editions.)