Prague And Krakow Spark Supernatural Ideas

My recent travels to Prague and Krakow sparked all sorts of ideas for novels, including for a new supernatural thriller series.

A Non-Supernatural Mystery In Prague

First, though, private investigator Quille C. Davis will travel to Prague to question a psychic medium, who is also a murder suspect, in my Q.C. Davis mysteries.

Prague View Riverside Night
View from my favorite spot along the river in Prague at night

While the Q.C. Davis mystery series is not supernatural, Prague’s long history of mysticism and alchemy make it an ideal home for the psychic medium character. And the city’s overall beauty makes me willing to have Quille spend time away from Chicago, which she (like me) loves and where she lives, practices law, and solves crimes.

Supernatural Books And Mystic Prague Nights

More on the new series, which will be a follow up to my Awakening Supernatural Thriller series, down the road. But to give you a hint, some highlights, photos, and ideas.

Statue Charles Bridge Prague Night


Simply being in Prague felt mystic, especially at night. Above is a statue on the famous Charles Bridge. 

And the monastery sparked many ideas for twists and turns in a new novel, as it included two halls of books. Look at the sign on one of them — perfect for a religious conspiracy thriller.

The Theological Hall Prague

Hall of Books Prague



The Missing Bones

I also toured the convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia in Prague. (Hall and scale model of convent below.) What intrigued me most?Convent Agnes of Bohemia Prague

Agnes of Bohemia Convent Model


My guide told me that the crypt that bears the name of Agnes of Bohemia is not her final resting place. 

Crypt of Agnes of Bohemia Prague

Turns out her supporters hid her bones from enemies after her death. They did such a great job that no one has ever found them.

I’m sure I can do something with that legend, or borrow from it.

Cathedrals And Castles

In Krakow, the Wawel Castle and the cathedral in it captured my imagination. In particular, the skull on one wall and what looks like a goat’s head with a sword thrust into it on the ceiling.


Wawel Cathedral Ceiling

Skull in Cathedral in Wawel Castle

Goat Head in Cathedral in Wawel Castle









Why are both there? I’ll need research. Which will be fun and no doubt will lead to more ideas for plot twists.

Here’s the castle:

Wawel Castle Krakow

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