The Da Vinci Code, The Divine Feminine, and The Awakening

The Awakening by Lisa M. Lilly - book cover
A friend gave me Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code about six months after it came out. I was working long hours as an attorney at a law firm in the Sears Tower. Each morning I did my best to get to Starbucks around 7:15 so I could read for 10 minutes before clients and partners started calling and emailing me. I discovered it was impossible to read The Da Vinci Code for only 10 minutes. While I managed not to be late for anything, I read much more than I really had time for and sped through...
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Mary: The Unachievable “Ideal Woman”

“Well, that’s serious Catholics for you.  All women should be both virgins and mothers if at all possible.”  In this line of dialogue, fictional character Nate Spencer echoes something that confused me from the time I was old enough (about 11) to understand what being a virgin meant and put that together with the gospels.In mass and in hymns, Mary was often referred to as “ever virgin.”  My parents and religion teachers told me Jesus had no brothers and sisters because Mary stayed...
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