Listening To Fear S5 E9 (Buffy and the Art of Story Podcast)

Buffy and the Art of Story podcast coverIn Listening To Fear (Buffy the Vampire Slayer S5 E9), Joyce prepares for brain surgery as a dangerous alien stalks her. The podcast episode recaps Listening To Fear, focusing on:

  • opening conflict grounded in Buffy’s new normal – taking care of Joyce in the hospital;
  • Riley’s disappearing act shows the audience his inner turmoil – and puts the gang in grave danger;
  • the challenges of a protagonist (Buffy) and antagonist (the demon from outer space) not knowing about each other until the episode climax; and
  • seemingly throwaway dialogue sows seeds so the audience buys later character choices and events.

Spoiler-free, except at the end (with plenty of warning).

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