The Final Girls (Movie Review)

This week I'm talking about the movie The Final Girls. As I wrote about last week, I'm watching one movie a week in 2024. I chose The Final Girls because I like the actress Nina Dobrev. She plays a key role, though she's not the lead. The Premise Of The Final Girls Main character Max's mother is an actress best known for a starring role in a classic cult horror movie. Max and her mother are very close, which is easy to see in the opening scene. But tragedy strikes, and her mother is ki...
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New Year’s Resolutions For Fun

Kindle Scribe showing notebook with movie title What Happened To Monday written on it
New Year's resolutions can be tricky. That's why I rarely make them, but this year I decided to. Why? Because a friend suggested a way to make a new year's resolution fun. Many people make resolutions to try to improve parts of their lives they struggle with. But often they focus on what the "should" do not what they want to do. Eat vegetables every day. Go to the gym once a week. Learn a language. The challenge comes when you miss a day or a week, then one more, and pretty soon it's March. S...
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