Happiness, Small Changes, And More Than One Job

Creative Penn Interview with Lisa M. Lilly on Happiness, Anxiety, and Writing
Recently I was interviewed by Joanna Penn about juggling multiple careers, happiness, and stress management on The Creative Penn podcast. I loved talking with Joanna. Through her blog and podcast she's been encouraging creative people and sharing information for over a decade. Among other things, we talked about: Solving problems or meeting challenges through many small changes or actions rather than one big fix Changing the questions we ask ourselves to focus on solutions rather t...
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Live to Work or Work to Live: Thoughts on Work/Life Balance

The other day on a podcast, entrepreneur and author Joanna Penn said something like you only worry about work/life balance when you dislike what you do. This caught my ear. My feelings about how work fits in my life, or how it "should" fit, have changed during the last six months, partly because I've shifted professionally so that most of my work time relates to my thriller writing. Even so, I'm not sure I completely agree with Joanna's comment. During the 14+ years when the majority of my work ...
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5 Ways to Be More Productive — And More Relaxed — In The New Year

Relax -- unlike some articles on productivity, the suggestions below are not meant to help you do more than you’re doing now. Instead, I hope they will help you enjoy your work more, relax more, and open up a little extra free time in the new year.1.  Know your best times of day for different tasksOur brains work differently at different times of the day. Figuring out the ideal time to perform a task can make it more enjoyable and lessen the amount of time you spend on it. Most people are m...
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