I Will Remember You S4 E8Ex (Buffy and the Art of Story)

Buffy and the Art of Story Podcast CoverThis week on Buffy and the Art of Story – I Will Remember You (Season 1 Episode 8 of Angel the series), where Buffy crosses over to Angel. The two kill a demon with shocking and heartbreaking results. The podcast episode talks about:

(1) images and dialogue lines that foreshadow the devastating ending; (2) is Fate the antagonist – or is it Angel v. Angel? (3) a powerful Midpoint with no major commitment or reversal; and (4) whether the events of this episode affect Buffy’s character going forward.

Spoiler-free, except at the end (with plenty of warning).

Next Up: Something Blue (S4 E9)

Last Episode: Pangs (S4 E8)

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